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Plate is a fresh, standards compliant web browser

Browse like a boss

Plate will appeal to both internet novices and power users alike. The Welcome Wizard will guide new internet users through a step by step tutorial, from setting up your web email account to trolling your first internet forum. Advanced features include sub-tab browsing, diagonal page scrolling and dual mouse cursor support.

Naughty Mode

Want to check your Facebook page while at work? Engage Naughty Mode! Naughty Mode opens your favourite social media website in a tiny window and fills the remaining screen space with randomly generated bar graphs, pie charts and databases. After all, someone needs to like those pictures of kittens.

Supported OS

Upon launch, Plate will be available on the following operating systems

Windows 7/8

Chrome Book





"It kept crashing, then it locked up my computer, then my screen went orange and it’s been orange for two days now. My computer is also making a very high pitch whining sound and smells of burning."

~ Peter Cheeston

"I was so happy with Chrome and Firefox, but now I've tried plate I realise that those browsers are now dead to me, just like the internet... dead, they're all dead! The birds, the trees, the sky... Dead!"

~ Gormly Grey

Adventure Mode

Bored of your browsing routine, visiting the same web pages day after day? Liven things up with Adventure Mode. Using the latest WebGL technology, Adventure Mode converts your bookmarked websites into a 3D maze game complete with enemies, quests and experience points.

HD Favicon

Commonly known as a bookmark icon, the humble favicon is a tiny image depicting the brand of a bookmarked website. Plate provides website creators the option of having a HD, MP4 movie file as a favicon. Make your website stand out among the ocean of 16 x 16 pixel images.